Early Childhood Gallery

Our early childhood gallery features age appropriate activities for younger children with parent accompaniment. There are many imaginative play/learn activities. For example, as children build, they learn about size, shape, patterns, spatial relationships and basic physics. Building helps children look at their environment in different ways. Observe how your child builds. Encourage children to notice different patterns, sizes and shapes as they build.

Children's Gallery

Kids will love the Giggle Box, Puppet Theater, and Dinosaur Dig interactive play stations.

Go Figure! is a wonderland of storybook settings based on popular children’s books.

This permanent exhibit encourages reading and imagination-building role play in basic math skills. Young minds can learn how math, the language upon which science is based, connects to every part of their world.

Children can walk through the giant pages of some of their favorite stories and solve problems with Arthur the Aardvark, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and other beloved characters. It’s a world where young and old can explore simple math concepts and engage in fun and productive hands-on learning experiences.

Children will enjoy this exhibit, learning math in a non-threatening way. Parents will like participating in the activities and learning new ways to encourage their child’s natural curiosity.

photo 5 (1)In a vignette of Arthur’s Pet Business, youngsters can weigh cans of pet food and set up a sequence of numbers on a calendar.

In The Doorbell Rang, kids use math skills to mix a recipe and divide a batch of chocolate chip cookies among guests who ring the doorbell.

And who can pass up the opportunity to play Goldilocks and sit in the chairs belonging to The Three Bears?

Preschools, day care centers, and elementary school early grades are encouraged to schedule special visits to the exhibit to take advantage of this exciting educational opportunity.

A take-home tri-fold brochure gives parents information and age-appropriate, fun ways of helping children to recognize and use math concepts.

The jumbo recreations of children’s books include the following child-friendly stories:photo 4

  • Arthur’s Pet Business by Marc Brown
  • The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins
  • The Quilt by Ann Jonas
  • Frog and Toad are Friends: A Lot Button by Arnold Lobel
  • Goldilocks and The Three Bears by James Marshall

The Go Figure! Exhibit is made possible through grants provided by the Citi Foundation of New York and the Nora Roberts Foundation.