Japanese Exhibit

Fun for kids…informative for adults.


Ever wonder what flip-flops, sushi rolls and Nintendo have in common? The answer isn’t “Things you can buy at the mall.” These everyday items have origins in Japan and are part of “Tomodachi,” another exciting exhibit at Discovery Station.

“Tomodachi” means “friend” in Japanese, and this friendly, hands-on learning experience introduces kids and adults to many interesting aspects of Japanese culture.

japanese-exhibit-galleryKids can try origami and create kanji characters. They’ll have a chance to walk in Japanese clogs, ring a temple bell and experience other unique examples of the Japanese experience.

Learn about the origins of familiar things that are mainstays of American youth culture — like flip-flops, which originated in Japan and are called “zori.”

These are some of the interesting features that a Herald-Mail newspaper article lauded upon the opening of this interactive cultural exhibit created by artistic designer Sukey Rankin, Japanese educator Ayako Shiga, and Japanese master calligrapher Satomi Pirrone.

Come and see for yourself at the Japanese exhibit at Discovery Station.