Möller Historic Organ

moller_0575The M. P. Möller Organ Company in Hagerstown was the world’s largest and most widely known organ manufacturer.

Mathias Peter Möller came to America from Denmark in 1872 at the age of 18 as a trained cabinetmaker. He quickly became engaged in organ building, setting up shop in Greencastle, Pa. in 1877 producing reed and pipe organs. Several prominent Hagerstown citizens, including U.S. Senator McComas and Gov. Hamilton, convinced him to establish an organ works in Maryland.

Established in 1880, successive Möller organ factories in Hagerstown grew to a main plant with 125,000 square feet where skilled craftsmen plied their trade, constructing more than 6,500 instruments that stand in churches, homes, public halls, and great auditoriums throughout the world.

Raw materials were brought in by rail. The organ parts were individually custom hand crafted. The company cast its own metal alloys. Each pipe was tuned to precise tone, color, transparency and timbre. The finished products were masterpieces in style, design, function, appearance and sound.

Pictured here are factory images depicting the massive instruments Möller made that are among an extensive collection of factory scenes you can view in exhibit videos.

In the Möller Historic Organ Exhibit gallery, you can learn more about pipe organs, see unique organs and components, view video interviews with organ craftsmen, and be amazed at the varied business enterprises and civic initiatives established by M. P. Möller during his illustrious career.

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