volvo_0517A Mack diesel engine is now on display at Discovery Station. Get a close-up view of a cut-away mammoth Mack diesel engine. See the high tech, precision components that help drive today’s over-the-road freight haulers.

Today, each new Volvo and Mack engine has a computer with four times the brain capacity of the Apollo spaceship used to go to the moon.

The giant golden Mack Bulldog that once welcomed visitors and officials to the Mack Engine and Transmission Plant in Hagerstown is now on display at Discovery Station.

For over eighty years, the Bulldog has been one of the most recognized corporate symbols in America, signifying the durability of Mack trucks, which are often referred to as “the truck that built America”.

The truck industry plays an important role in our community and the global world. Discovery Station and the Volvo Powertrain Division are setting the wheels in motion for a future Volvo sponsored exhibit that will feature the technology and assembly processes involved in engine and transmission manufacturing, and the history of Mack Trucks’ role in the local economy.