Discovery Party Room

Plan your party for that special occasion!

The Discovery Party Room is available for rental forBirthday Party limited size gatherings for that special occasion you want to celebrate with a family member, friend, employee or co-worker.


The Birthday Party Rental fee is a flat rate of $125 ($115 for members) for 1½ hours, and can be reserved up to 2 months in advance. There is no additional charge to host a birthday party.


For groups larger than 20 persons, arrangements can be made for rental of the Explorer Café, which has a maximum capacity of 40.


Party room guests may tour Discovery Station exhibits and attractions, either before or after the rental period, during operating hours. All Children in birthday parties must be supervised by adults when touring the museum and must adhere to museum rules.




To reserve for your next party or special occasion, please fill out the electronic form and list your party name under the organization line.