Bionics Design Challenge

Humans are pretty clever, and they can do amazing things. But sometimes it could be helpful to have an extra finger. Or maybe you would rather have a tail, or a pouch like a kangaroo! Using nature as our inspiration, we’ll design and create imaginative body parts using recycled materials!

Leprechaun Traps

This fun engineering challenge sponsored by JLG Industries combines St. Patrick’s Day crafts with Leprechaun science! Kids will craft a box designed to lure in one of the tiny tricksters. Don’t forget to set the trap at home the night before St. Partick’s Day! Every parent/guardian will go home with “Top Secret Leprechaun Trap Instructions” […]

Egg Dyeing Science

Conduct an experiment to uncover what materials make the most vibrant colors while you create beautifully decorated eggs!

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