Homeschool FAQ

  • How do I register my child for Homeschool?
    • Registration links will be sent exclusively to our email list on Wednesday, August 30th. There will be a $5 fee at the time of Registration.
  • Why is there a $5 Registration fee?
    • Last year, some families registered early to “save their spot” but never attended. We hope the small fee will be enough to disincentive this practice and leave space for families who know they want to participate. After attendance at the first class, the fee can be used as a credit toward Discovery Station membership or admission.
  • My child is not in 2nd – 6th grade. Can they still participate?
    • The recommended ages are just that- a recommendation! You know your child best. Like all of Discovery Station’s programming, our Homeschool programs will be based on hands-on learning through play and experimentation. Younger children may need extra help from adult hands, but they should still have a fun educational experience.
  • This didn’t answer my question. Where can I find more information?
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